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As a broker, we are nothing without a strong carrier base and taking care of you is a priority!

We know that, in this industry, the time you spend trying to get paid is time you cannot spend servicing your customers.

Getting your money should not be a headache in your business and at Spartan we work with you to get you paid.

With invoice and POD, we will process your payment and issue payment within 10 days of receipt.

Cannot find the POD? Need quick pay? Misplaced check? Call us immediately and we will help.

• 10 day

standard payment

• No Fee ACH

for either Standard payment or quick pay. It’s your money so let’s get it to you quicker and more reliability than with paper checks and USPS.

• Email or fax

paperwork to accounting@shipspartan.com.

• 3% quick pay.

24-48hours from when your paperwork is in our hands, we send you your payment. We can mail you a check or ACH you for no fee!